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Sep 4, 2020

Theoretical Physicist Jim Al-Khalili shares his thoughts on what physics can teach us about the nature of reality and the mysteries of our universe, the possibility of a theory of everything, and how to make scientific ideas accessible and captivating.

Jim Al-Khalili FRS is a quantum physicist, author and broadcaster and one of the best-known science communicators in Britain. He holds a Distinguished Chair in Physics at the University of Surrey where he teaches and conducts his research. He received a PhD in nuclear theory in 1989 and has since published widely on physics and the history of science. He has written twelve books, including his first novel, between them translated into over twenty-six languages. He is a regular presenter of TV and radio science documentaries and programs and is the recipient of numerous honours and prizes, including the inaugural Stephen Hawking Medal. His latest book, The World According to Physics, is published by Princeton University Press.

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