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Jun 6, 2022

Psychoanalytic theorist Isabel Millar explains the role psychoanalysis can play in helping us to understand what artificial intelligence means for humanity, what modern science fiction reveals about our fascination with sex-robots, and what is driving a desire to replicate human attributes in silicon.

Dr Isabel Millar is a philosopher and cultural critic from London. Her work focuses on AI, sex, the body, film and the future. Her book The Psychoanalysis of Artificial Intelligence was published with the Palgrave Lacan Series in 2021. As well as extensive international academic speaking and publishing across philosophy, psychoanalysis and cultural theory, Isabel has made numerous TV, documentary and podcast appearances including for BBC2 (Frankie Boyles' New World Order), Russia Today (Entrevista), Tomorrow Unlocked (Build me Somebody to Love), Schizotopia, Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour and Parallax Views among others. Isabel has recently been a psychoanalytic script consultant for BBC Drama and interviewed for a book by Ai-Da Robot, the world's first AI artist. She has contributed to the forthcoming AI Glossary, Chimeras: Inventory of Synthetic Cognition for Onassis Publications and is one of 50 global thinkers writing Manifesto - A Struggle of Universalities edited by Nicol A. Barria- Asenjo and Slavoj Zizek. She is a research fellow at The Centre for Critical Thought, the University of Kent and is currently writing her next book Patipolitics.

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