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Feb 19, 2024

Mathematician Prof. Ian Stewart shares his strategies for explaining abstract mathematical concepts to the public, the role imagination can play in education, and how science fiction can assist in solving the world’s most complex mysteries.

Professor Ian Stewart is a British mathematician who majored in mathematics at the University of Cambridge and is an emeritus professor of mathematics at the University of Warwick. With more than 200 papers and 20 books on mathematics under his name, Professor Stewart has done much to popularise mathematics, talking about the principles and depth of mathematics within various academic fields such as literature, history, and astronomy.

For these accomplishments, he received the Michael Faraday Medal from the Royal Society of London in 1995 and became the first recipient of the Christopher Zeeman Medal in 2008. He also received the 2017 Euler Book Prize, given for an outstanding book in mathematics, and serves as a Fellow of the Royal Society of England.

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Luke Robert Mason is a British-born futures theorist who is passionate about engaging the public with emerging scientific theories and technological developments.

He hosts documentaries for Futurism, and has contributed to BBC Radio, BBC One, The Guardian, Discovery Channel, VICE Motherboard and Wired Magazine.


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