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Mar 31, 2021

Product designer Tom Gruber shares his insights into creating intelligent interfaces, the ethical use of technology, and how humanistic AI can enable learning, knowledge sharing, and increased productivity.

Tom Gruber is a technologist, designer, and entrepreneur, using technology to augment human intelligence. He was cofounder and head of design for Siri, which created the first virtual assistant for everyone. Siri is included on every new iPhone and iPad, and used every day by millions around the world. He led the design of RealTravel, a popular Web 2.0 site that harvests the collective knowledge of travelers around the world. He pioneered the space of Collaborative Knowledge Management, which allows large virtual organizations to collaborate on line and contribute to a collective memory of their work and knowledge. He invented HyperMail, the granddaddy of open-source software that turns email conversations into collective memories on the Web. He is known in the Artificial Intelligence world for foundational work in ontology engineering and the Semantic Web. He dabbles in underwater photography and contact improvisation.

This discussion was recorded for SingularityNET as part of their Decentralised OS Web Series. This Bonus Episode is not sponsored content.

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