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Jul 28, 2021

BioViva CEO Liz Parrish shares her insights into developing gene therapies to end ageing, the ethics of taking a proactionary approach to experimental treatments, and the growing importance of preventative healthcare.

Elizabeth is the Founder and CEO of BioViva, is a humanitarian, entrepreneur, innovator, author, and a leading voice for genetic cures. As a strong proponent of progress and education for the advancement of regenerative medicine modalities, she serves as a motivational speaker to the public at large for the life sciences. She is actively involved in international educational media outreach. BioViva is currently working on the development of tools to help people monitor their health over time, and is funding a research project at Rutgers University to develop a therapy to address time-incurred cell damage.

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Produced by FUTURES Podcast

Recorded, Mixed & Edited by Luke Robert Mason