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Mar 31, 2021

Product designer Tom Gruber shares his insights into creating intelligent interfaces, the ethical use of technology, and how humanistic AI can enable learning, knowledge sharing, and increased productivity.

Tom Gruber is a technologist, designer, and entrepreneur, using technology to augment human intelligence. He was...

Mar 8, 2021

Co-founder of The Pirate Bay Peter Sunde shares his insights into the cultural importance of copying, why pranking and trolling is an effective form of online activism, and why civil disobedience might be our best tool to bring about a free and open internet.

Peter Sunde, alias brokep, is a politician, computer expert,...

Mar 1, 2021

Professor Andy Miah shares his insights into why competitive video gaming has experienced a rapid growth in popularity, how digital technology is changing the way traditional sports are played, and how gamification looks set to transform the world of health and fitness.

Professor Andy Miah, PhD is Chair of...